Once upon a time there was a fun-loving spiritual geek who wanted to make a positive impact on the world and create an amazing life.

(If that’s already starting to sound even the tiniest bit familiar than stick around because I have a feeling you’re going to love what comes next!)

In a world full of negativity, doom and gloom, our brave heroine worked tirelessly to shine her light into the darkness but honestly? Some days it was bloody hard work!

If only life wasn’t so crazy-making busy. If only it were possible to step away from the madness a little.el

If only it felt a little less meh and a little more marvellous!

And then one fine day, who should our fun-loving champion meet but El Edwards, irrepressible silver-lining spotter, Jesus geek, lover of smiles. (Yes, you got me, that’s me. No, I don’t know why I’m writing about myself in the third person either but since it’s gone on for an entire paragraph now, I’m not entirely sure how we make it stop!)

With happy ending novels, a daily inspirational email, 1 on 1 “Perfect Ideal Day” coaching and a fab “Choose Happy” daily planner, El was like the perfect hostess, with a little bit of something lovely, no matter what you fancied.

To help you create a joy-full, abundant life.

The Itchy Soul Coming  to a Kindle near you, September 30th.

After celebrating her 40th birthday in style, bored mum of two Sophie is given an ultimatum: go to a spiritual retreat in France and write an article about the secret of happiness or collect your P45 from HR!

Far from being unable to cope without her, her teenage children are delighted at the prospect of two weeks without mum’s nagging and long-suffering husband Pete agrees to take the fortnight off work to keep them out of trouble. Anything if it means he’ll get his wife back!

Will Sophie finally learn the secret of happiness and escape her boring life? Or is she doomed to a lifetime of writing book reviews and recipes for middle-aged Christian housewives?