“Leaves you looking forward to finding out what happens next in her life.”

For a limited time, the prequel to my romantic comedy series Gloddfa Bont is available for free download.

All Amy ever wanted to do was fall in love, get married & have kids and when Peter invites her to her first ever Halloween party, it seems like all her dreams might finally be coming true. Well two out of three ain’t bad!

But what is she going to tell her parents? And can they really live happily ever after?

elLover of smiles. Tireless optimist. Irrepressible silver-lining-spotter. Take your pick! 😉

Most authors tell you that all they ever wanted to do was write, that they practically came out of the womb writing. Introverts mostly, they love being alone with their words.

I, by contrast, have always been a bit of a talker. A teller of stories rather than a writer of them.

I was the chubby teen with glasses, saved from the school bullies by my wit (no one bullies the class clown 😉 ) Wandering from one thing to the next, never really settling on what I wanted to be when I grew up and changing direction in a whisper if the current career choice de jour clashed with a bigger desire (like the time I decided not to study medicine because it meant I couldn’t go to Austria with the school band!)

But through it all, telling stories to make people smile has remained & finally, I’m sitting still long enough to write the stories down! :)